Okay, if you're anything like me I definitely like finding deals! And when it comes to makeup, that is no exception. I have read reviews, done research and tried out products to give you cheaper options with the same end result as the high end products. What this means for you: less money which then can be interperted into meaning not breaking the bank. Who doesn't love that! There are a few products that you shouldn't money wise skimp on, but we'll save that for a later post.

Well lets get to it then. I posted below the Higher end product first and then the more budget friendly product next to it.

  1. Becca (Champagne Pop) - Wet n Wild (Boozy Brunch), or E.L.F (Moonlight Pearl) : This will be your highlighter

  2. Loreal gel Eyeliner - Maybelline gel eyeliner

  3. Estée Lauder Little Blackliner-Loreal infallible Pen Eyeliner

  4. Nars Blush-Milani Blush

  5. Anastasia eyebrow pencil-NYX eyebrow pencil

  6. Dior Show Mascara-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

  7. Benefit Hoola-Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer : This will be your bronzer

These are just a few products that won't break the bank but still give you great results. I have been using these products for a while and get compliments about how my makeup looks and no one can tell that they aren't the "high end stuff"! Comment down below if this post was helpful and what other types of products you would love to see a comparison for :] Or what other topics you would be interested in me writing about, thanks!

This is me by the way ;] I wanted to show an example of what the products look like on.

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