Beauty YouTubers everyone should watch

So I will admit I don't watch a ton of youtube but when I do, I have some ammmmmazing beauty gurus that just speak to me and my soul. It can be so easy to watch a youtube video one right after another, so since you'll be on youtube anyway you may as well be watching those videos that will get those wheels turnin and give you awesome tips and tricks at the same time too. (And not to mention that they are all so entertaining and you'll for sure get a good laugh!)

Okay drumroll please............ First off, we have: Nikkie Tutorials! She is so cute and funny! Not to mention that she is so fantastic at what she does, you will be forever blessed when you watch her videos.

Next in line we have: Jackie Aina! She is an African American Goddess and definitely deserves to be known as a beauty guru. She has everything from tips and tricks, comparing beauty brands, her skincare routine and muuuch more.

I have only mentioned women so far but there are some men beauty gurus that are amazing as well! Let's bring to the front: Manny MUA! This beauty channel is where he teaches tutorials, shenanigans that go on in his life, etc. He is so fun to listen to!

Alright and for the cherry on the top lets talk about: Jaydeen Sarah! She doesn't have a ton of content, and is newer to the game but what she does have out so far is seriously all so good! She does amazing makeup looks that are definitely not everyday but it is so satisfying to see her go from bare face to this look that transforms her! She also has a couple funny videos as well :]

Well I hope that out of these Makeup Gurus that I have blogged about there is one that you can fall in love with and can inspire you to be your best self and shoot for the stars with your dreams!

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